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iPhone repair in Beckley Wv Cell Phone Repair in Beckley area in Hinton Wv


 iPhone repair in Beckley $70 iPhone screen repair in Princeton area. Cell Phone and tablet/ipad Repair in Hinton Wv.

Iphone Repair in Beckley Area

phone and tablet repair in Beckley area

Iphone repair in Beckley area $70 screen repair, charging ports, speakerphone or microphone repair, cameras and batteries this offer excludes x models. We also repair ipad and ipad mini screens starting at $85 and tablet screens and charging ports as well as batteries. We repair all types of phones at low discounted prices Samsung, Zte, Motorola, and more call for pricing. We also repair water damaged phones and we can solder charging ports. Bellepoint Boutique is Located at 200 Greenbrier Drive in Hinton Wv 25951.

Iphone repair in Beckley $70 best prices around save

Cell phone repair Princeton wv save $$$$$$$$$$$$$

same day service on Iphones

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Phone Battery and Charging Ports

Is your phone dead or simply wont charge


Bring your phone in today!  We will test your phone and we offer competitive rates for repairs. We handle all repairs in house including new batteries, and broken charging ports so you don't have to pay shipping fees or wait for your phone to be mailed out, repaired, then mailed back. We have excellent customer service and honest prices so there's no need to throw away your money or spend a fortune on a new phone. 

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Phone Repairs in Princeton Wv Area

Board soldering

phone and ipad board soldering in Hinton Wv

We are one of the few places that offer board soldering repairs in the area. Our services range from charging ports to headphone jacks and more all work guaranteed 

speakerphone repairs


Speakerphone repairs done in house work guaranteed, soldering available professional work these repairs start at $25

iPhone screens and charging ports


Iphone screens in stock today $70 same day service on in stock items call ahead to check availability iPhone repair in Beckley cell phone repair princeton wv located in Hinton

Water Damage and Corrosion


Water damage is the worst thing for any electronics phones included. But if caught in time the effects can be reversed and restored.    

Batteries And Charging Ports

We replace batteries and charging ports in house Apple, Samsung, and more. We can solder boards to.

We replace Charging Ports and Batteries on phones and ipads also tablets call for pricing. We are professionally trained to solder boards so charging ports are no problem. call today

iPhone Screen Repair starting at $70


Iphone Screen Repair $70 in Hinton Wv 

Iphone screen replacement Beckley area $70

Iphone Screen Repair in Princeton area $70

$70 iphone repair special don't miss out limited time!!!!!! offer excludes iphone x models

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If you have questions about what phone will best fit your needs, or about what phones are coming soon, just send us a message. We want to help you get the phone that works for you! cell phone repair Princeton Wv in Hinton iPhone repair in Beckley

Phone repair Wv

200 Greenbrier drive, Hinton, West Virginia 25951, United States


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